One of the internet’s most celebrated hi-tech culture mavens returns with this second collection of essays and polemics. Discussing complex topics in an accessible manner, Cory Doctorow’s visions of a future where artists have full freedom of expression is tempered with his understanding that creators need to benefit from their own creations.

From extolling the Etsy makerverse to excoriating Apple for dumbing-down technology while creating an information monopoly, each unique piece is brief, witty, and at the cutting edge of tech. Now a stay-at-home dad as well as an international activist, Doctorow writes as eloquently about creating internet, real-time theater with his daughter as he does in lambasting the corporations that want to limit and profit from inherent intellectual freedoms.

One Response to “About Context

  1. John Andrews

    Mr Doctorow: regretfully, I come to your essays late. So much has happened,so much searching,–mental indigestion last two years. Out of millions, I see that both positions have right. (And really more than two). You well represent anti-property side. Indeed, charmingly, creatively. Needed badly is changes in whole structure,much shorter terms for pat, copyght, or any future methods. You slide over individuals, very small business, and all those (world) who don’t want or cant get tangled into electronic publishing.
    As one active in EFF: you know nasty deeds of Germany to drag Europe and world. Awful.

    Apple is set to become moe and more bad, just control, power, stifle innovaion.
    Apple beatup on Microsoft? thst had it seemed swindle hard to challenge, after MS managed to harry IBM: so long hurting and cheating whole govts, megabusinesses, and stifling tech developments. Google well on way (a prety slogan)but values monsters not human not humane etc..
    cloud(s). Yes, floating info a giant threat: You, use nuclear rhetoric. but stuff in these Clouds?! Wow. Out 1984-1984.
    I am so beset not sure I’m going crusade or squawk much longer. If you meet someone who dares to take on intellct propert quest– can odder a little advice. Right now world
    so artificial: can have inflation/depression at s am e times. No quick way out. ?doom? I may try to reach you–if you find this super acid–well, ask Hard questions. (I am not running for office).

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